Jan 11th, 2006: After a slight delay, "THE FINAL FANTASY VIII REMIX" was added to the Dili Production section! Next on the agenda will be a music of 4 Squaresoft games! But don't expect that for sometime. Also some additions to the Programs section might be on their way...


Nov 13th, 2005: Galleries section opens up with older versions of the great DOAGIRLS sites! Be sure to check out the new site here! Also "THE FINAL FANTASY VIII REMIX" remake is underway and should be up in the coming weeks!

Dec 1st, 2005: Added "THE CHRONO CROSS REMIX" to the Dili Productions section. There will also be another addition to that section within the coming weeks. Also the Programs sections has been put on hold for the time being.

May 31th, 2005: Added new sections Guides with a DC Active Mode Guide and Galleries with nothing yet. Removed section Tina Armstrong, which will soon be a sub section in Galleries. Some other minor changes mades around the site. Programs and Links still contain nothing but CipherMaster will soon be added to Programs. Stay tuned for more updates!

Feb 9th, 2005: Site opens!! Sections include Dili Productions, Programs, Tina Armstrong, Links and Contacts! Nothing is in Programs, Tina Armstrong or Links yet but keep coming for eventual updates! Check out Dili Productions to download "THE FINAL FANTASY X & X-2 REMIX".